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Kanchipuram Idli Recipe | How to make Kancheepuram Idli

Kancheepuram Idli as the name goes is from Kancheepuram, a holy city in Tamilnadu, India. History goes that Kanchipuram Idli is served as prasadam in Varadharaja Perumal Temple, a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, located in the Kanchipuram. It is a huge Idli (Steamed Rice Cake) which is added with spices.

This is best for a relaxed Sunday breakfast. Amma makes this and serves with Podi, which is specially made for this. Mixed with Ghee, tastes very good.

Soaking Time : 5-6 hours.
Cooking Time : 20 min.
Fermenting Time : 10 hours or overnight.
Preparation Time : 10 min.
Cuisine : Tamil Nadu

Ingredients needed

Boiled rice - 200 gms
Raw rice - 100
Urud dal - 150
Fenugreek - 5 gms
Cooking soda - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste

For seasoning

Pepper corns - 1 tsp
Ginger - 1 inch
Bengal gram - 2 tsp
Black dal / Urad Dal - 2 tsp
Curry leaves
Cashew nuts - 10
Coriander leaves
Oil - 1 tsp

Kancheepuram Idli
Kancheepuram Idli

Method to prepare:

Clean and soak both the rices and Urud dal for 5-6 hrs. Grind the rice first and then Urud to a fine paste. Mix both together.

Let it ferment for 10 hrs or overnight.

Add cooking soda and salt atleast an hour before cooking,

In a kadai, add 1 tsp, and roast all the items for seasoning. Add to the batter.

Take small tumbles to be used as molds and pour the batter into it and cook for 15- 20 mins.

Kanchipuram Idli
Kanchipuram Idli

Once done, remove and serve with Kanchipuram Podi which is specially made for this.

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archana said...

Hey thats a nice shape. Its the first time I have seen idli shaped like that !
Is cooking soda essential even after fermentation?
Luckily I have made idli batter with the same proportions I will try this kanchipuram idli :)

Srivalli said...

Yes Archana it is needed to get spongy Idlies and also since the shape is huge it is essential.

ushaprashanth said...

Kanchipuram idlies..... while mom used to make this idlies....lovely!!!!!

Sharmi said...

I have never seen a idly with that shape. looks so beautiful. in what type of instrument do you steam it?

Srivalli said...

Thanks sharmi, this is made in small steel tumblers

Suganya said...

We were in Kancheepuram for a year and my dad absolutely loves this. It doesnt taste exactly like the regular idli. Lil bit heavy but quite filling!

Ramki said...

Hi Srivalli,

That is a delicious and unusual recipe. Thanks for dropping by my blog.


Mahalakshmi said...


Your recipe came out very well. I tried it last week end. Thank you very much for posting it. The only variation from your instructions was, I added thick sour curd instead of cooking soda..

Thank you very much.

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